Important: This documentation is about an older version. It's relevant only to the release noted, many of the features and functions have been updated or replaced. Please view the current version.

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Search dashboards

You can search for dashboards by dashboard name and by panel title. When you search for dashboards, the system returns all dashboards available within the Grafana instance, even if you do not have permission to view the contents of the dashboard.

Search dashboards using dashboard name

Begin typing any part of the dashboard name in the search bar. The search returns results for any partial string match in real-time, as you type.

Dashboard search is:

  • Real-time
  • Not case sensitive
  • Functional across stored and file based dashboards.


You can use your keyboard arrow keys to navigate the results and press Enter to open the selected dashboard.

The following image shows the search results when you search using dashboard name.

Search dashboards using panel title

You can search for a dashboard by the title of a panel that appears in a dashboard. If a panel’s title matches your search query, the dashboard appears in the search results.

This feature is available by default in Grafana Cloud and in Grafana OSS v9.1 and higher, you access this feature by enabling the panelTitleSearch feature toggle. For more information about enabling panel title search, refer to Enable the panelTitleSearch feature toggle.

The following image shows the search results when you search using panel title.

Enable the panelTitleSearch feature toggle

Complete the following steps to enable the panelTitleSearch feature toggle.

Before you begin:

To enable the panelTitleSearch feature toggle:

  1. Open the Grafana configuration file.

  2. Locate the feature_toggles section.

  3. Add the following parameter to the feature_toggles section:

    # enable features, separated by spaces
    enable = panelTitleSearch
  4. Save your changes and restart the Grafana server.

Filter dashboard search results by tag(s)

Tags are a great way to organize your dashboards, especially as the number of dashboards grow. You can add and manage tags in dashboard Settings.

When you select multiple tags, Grafana shows dashboards that include all selected tags.

To filter dashboard search result by a tag, complete one of the following steps:

  • To filter dashboard search results by tag, click a tag that appears in the right column of the search results.

    You can continue filtering by clicking additional tags.

  • To see a list of all available tags, click the Filter by tags dropdown menu and select a tag.

    All tags will be shown, and when you select a tag, the dashboard search will be instantly filtered.


When using only a keyboard, press the tab key and navigate to the Filter by tag drop-down menu, press the down arrow key to activate the menu and locate a tag, and press Enter to select the tag.

Command palette

The command palette enables you to:

  • Search for and open dashboards and folders
  • Create dashboards and alert rules
  • Locate pages within Grafana
  • Change the theme to dark or light

Command Palette screenshot

To open the command palette, press cmd+K in macOS or ctrl+k in Linux/Windows. You can also click on the input located in the navigation bar.

Note: To go to the previous step, press backspace with the command palette input empty.