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Release notesRelease notes for Grafana 8.1.4

Release notes for Grafana 8.1.4

Features and enhancements

Bug fixes

  • Alerting: Fix notification channel migration. #38983, @papagian
  • Annotations: Fix blank panels for queries with unknown data sources. #39017, @hugohaggmark
  • BarChart: Fix stale values and x axis labels. #39188, @leeoniya
  • Graph: Make old graph panel thresholds work even if ngalert is enabled. #38918, @domasx2
  • InfluxDB: Fix regex to identify / as separator. #39185, @dsotirakis
  • LibraryPanels: Fix update issues related to library panels in rows. #38963, @hugohaggmark
  • Variables: Fix variables not updating inside a Panel when the preceding Row uses “Repeat For”. #38935, @axelavargas