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Release notesRelease notes for Grafana 7.5.0-beta1

Release notes for Grafana 7.5.0-beta1

Features and enhancements

  • Alerting: Customise OK notification priorities for Pushover notifier. #30169, @acaire
  • Alerting: Improve default message for SensuGo notifier. #31428, @M4teo
  • Alerting: PagerDuty: adding current state to the payload. #29270, @Eraac
  • AzureMonitor: Add deprecation message for App Insights/Insights Analytics. #30633, @joshhunt
  • CloudMonitoring: Allow free text input for GCP project on dashboard variable query. #28048
  • CloudMonitoring: Increase service api page size. #30892, @sunker
  • CloudMonitoring: Show service and SLO display name in SLO Query editor. #30900, @sunker
  • CloudWatch: Add AWS Ground Station metrics and dimensions. #31362, @ilyastoli
  • CloudWatch: Add AWS Network Firewall metrics and dimensions. #31498, @ilyastoli
  • CloudWatch: Add AWS Timestream Metrics and Dimensions. #31624, @ilyastoli
  • CloudWatch: Add RDS Proxy metrics. #31595, @sunker
  • CloudWatch: Add eu-south-1 Cloudwatch region. #31198, @rubycut
  • CloudWatch: Make it possible to specify custom api endpoint. #31402, @sunker
  • Cloudwatch: Add AWS/DDoSProtection metrics and dimensions. #31297, @relvira
  • Dashboard: Remove template variables option from ShareModal. #30395, @oscarkilhed
  • Docs: Define TLS/SSL terminology. #30533, @aknuds1
  • Elasticsearch: Add word highlighting to search results. #30293, @simianhacker
  • Folders: Editors should be able to edit name and delete folders. #31242, @torkelo
  • Graphite/SSE: update graphite to work with server side expressions. #31455, @kylebrandt
  • InfluxDB: Improve maxDataPoints error-message in Flux-mode, raise limits. #31259, @gabor
  • InfluxDB: In flux query editor, do not run query when disabled. #31324, @gabor
  • LogsPanel: Add deduplication option for logs. #31019, @ivanahuckova
  • Loki: Add line limit for annotations. #31183, @ivanahuckova
  • Loki: Add support for alerting. #31424, @ivanahuckova
  • Loki: Label browser. #30351, @davkal
  • PieChart: Add color changing options to pie chart. #31588, @oscarkilhed
  • PostgreSQL: Allow providing TLS/SSL certificates as text in addition to file paths. #30353, @ying-jeanne
  • Postgres: SSL certification. #30352, @ying-jeanne
  • Profile: Prevent OAuth users from changing user details or password. #27886, @dupondje
  • Prometheus: Change default httpMethod for new instances to POST. #31292, @ivanahuckova
  • Prometheus: Min step defaults to seconds when no unit is set. #30966, @nutmos
  • Stats: Exclude folders from total dashboard count. #31320, @bergquist
  • Tracing: Specify type of data frame that is expected for TraceView. #31465, @aocenas
  • Transformers: Add search to transform selection. #30854, @ryantxu

Bug fixes

  • Alerting: Ensure Discord notification is sent when metric name is absent. #31257, @LeviHarrison
  • Alerting: Fix case when Alertmanager notifier fails if a URL is not working. #31079, @kurokochin
  • CloudMonitoring: Prevent resource type variable function from crashing. #30901, @sunker
  • Color: Fix issue where colors are reset to gray when switching panels. #31611, @torkelo
  • Explore: Show ANSI colored logs in logs context. #31510, @ivanahuckova
  • Explore: keep enabled/disabled state in angular based QueryEditors correctly. #31558, @gabor
  • Graph: Fix tooltip not being displayed when close to edge of viewport. #31493, @msober
  • Heatmap: Fix missing value in legend. #31430, @kurokochin
  • InfluxDB: Handle columns named “table”. #30985, @gabor
  • Prometheus: Use configured HTTP method for /series and /labels endpoints. #31401, @ivanahuckova
  • RefreshPicker: Make valid intervals in url visible in RefreshPicker. #30474, @hugohaggmark
  • TimeSeriesPanel: Fix overlapping time axis ticks. #31332, @torkelo
  • TraceViewer: Fix show log marker in spanbar. #30742, @zoltanbedi

Plugin development fixes & changes

  • Plugins: Add autoEnabled plugin JSON field to auto enable App plugins and add configuration link to menu by default. #31354, @torkelo
  • Pagination: Improve pagination for large number of pages. #30151, @nathanrodman