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PanelsCalculation types

Reference: Calculation types

The following table contains a list of calculations you can perform in Grafana. You can find these calculations in the Transform tab and in the bar gauge, gauge, and stat visualizations.

All nullsTrue when all values are null
All zerosTrue when all values are 0
Change countNumber of times the field’s value changes
CountNumber of values in a field
DeltaCumulative change in value, only counts increments
DifferenceDifference between first and last value of a field
Difference percentPercentage change between first and last value of a field
Distinct countNumber of unique values in a field
First (not null)First, not null value in a field
MaxMaximum value of a field
MeanMean value of all values in a field
VarianceVariance of all values in a field
StdDevStandard deviation of all values in a field
MinMinimum value of a field
Min (above zero)Minimum, positive value of a field
RangeDifference between maximum and minimum values of a field
StepMinimal interval between values of a field
TotalSum of all values in a field