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API Reference@grafana/uiLogRows

LogRows variable

LogRows variable


LogRows: React.FunctionComponent<{
    timeZone: TimeZone;
    getRowContext?: ((row: LogRowModel, options?: RowContextOptions | undefined) => Promise<any>) | undefined;
    logsSortOrder?: LogsSortOrder | null | undefined;
    highlighterExpressions?: string[] | undefined;
    wrapLogMessage: boolean;
    showContextToggle?: ((row?: LogRowModel | undefined) => boolean) | undefined;
    onClickFilterLabel?: ((key: string, value: string) => void) | undefined;
    onClickFilterOutLabel?: ((key: string, value: string) => void) | undefined;
    showDetectedFields?: string[] | undefined;
    onClickShowDetectedField?: ((key: string) => void) | undefined;
    onClickHideDetectedField?: ((key: string) => void) | undefined;
    getFieldLinks?: ((field: Field, rowIndex: number) => Array<LinkModel<Field>>) | undefined;
    showLabels: boolean;
    showTime: boolean;
    enableLogDetails: boolean;
    forceEscape?: boolean | undefined;
    logRows?: LogRowModel[] | undefined;
    deduplicatedRows?: LogRowModel[] | undefined;
    dedupStrategy: LogsDedupStrategy;
    previewLimit?: number | undefined;


import { LogRows } from '@grafana/ui';