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API Reference@grafana/dataDataTransformerID

DataTransformerID enum

DataTransformerID enum


export declare enum DataTransformerID 


import { DataTransformerID } from '@grafana/data';

Enumeration Members

Member Value Description
append "append"
calculateField "calculateField"
concatenate "concatenate"
ensureColumns "ensureColumns"
filterByRefId "filterByRefId"
filterByValue "filterByValue"
filterFields "filterFields"
filterFieldsByName "filterFieldsByName"
filterFrames "filterFrames"
groupBy "groupBy"
histogram "histogram"
labelsToFields "labelsToFields"
merge "merge"
noop "noop"
order "order"
organize "organize"
reduce "reduce"
rename "rename"
renameByRegex "renameByRegex"
seriesToColumns "seriesToColumns"
seriesToRows "seriesToRows"
sortBy "sortBy"