This is documentation for the next version of Grafana. For the latest stable release, go to the latest version.

AlertingContact pointsList of notifiers

List of supported notifiers

The following table lists the notifiers (contact point types) supported by Grafana.

Name Type Grafana Alertmanager Other Alertmanagers
DingDing dingding Supported N/A
Discord discord Supported N/A
Email email Supported Supported
Google Hangouts Chat googlechat Supported N/A
Kafka kafka Supported N/A
Line line Supported N/A
Microsoft Teams teams Supported N/A
Opsgenie opsgenie Supported Supported
Pagerduty pagerduty Supported Supported
Prometheus Alertmanager prometheus-alertmanager Supported N/A
Pushover pushover Supported Supported
Sensu sensu Supported N/A
Sensu Go sensugo Supported N/A
Slack slack Supported Supported
Telegram telegram Supported N/A
Threema threema Supported N/A
VictorOps victorops Supported Supported
Webhook webhook Supported Supported (different format)
WeCom wecom Supported N/A
Zenduty webhook Supported N/A