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Markers layer

The markers layer allows you to display data points as different marker shapes such as circles, squares, triangles, stars, and more.

Markers Layer

Markers Layer Options

  • Marker Color configures the color of the marker. The default Single color keeps all points a single color. There is an alternate option to have multiple colors depending on the data point values and the threshold set at the Thresholds section.
  • Marker Size configures the size of the marker. The default is Fixed size, which makes all marker sizes the same regardless of the data points. However, there is also an option to scale the circles to the corresponding data points. Min and Max marker size has to be set such that the Marker layer can scale within this range.
  • Marker Shape allows you to choose the shape, icon, or graphic to aid in providing additional visual context to your data. Choose from assets that are included with Grafana such as simple shapes or the Unicon library. You can also specify a URL containing an image asset. The image must be a scalable vector graphic (SVG).
  • Fill opacity configures the transparency of each marker.