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Map Controls

The map controls section contains various options for map information and tool overlays.

Geomap panel map controls
Geomap panel map controls


This section describes each of the zoom controls.

Show zoom control

Displays zoom controls in the upper left corner. This control can be useful when using systems that don’t have a mouse.

Geomap panel zoom
Geomap panel zoom

Mouse wheel zoom

Enables the mouse wheel to be used for zooming in or out.

Show attribution

Displays attribution for basemap layers.

Geomap panel attribution
Geomap panel attribution

Show scale

Displays scale information in the bottom left corner.

Geomap panel scale
Geomap panel scale

Note: Currently only displays units in [m]/[km].

Show measure tools

Displays measure tools in the upper right corner. Measurements appear only when this control is open.

Geomap panel measure
Geomap panel measure
  • Click to start measuring
  • Continue clicking to continue measurement
  • Double-click to end measurement

- When you change measurement type or units, the previous measurement is removed from the map.
- If the control is closed and then re-opened, the most recent measurement is displayed.
- A measurement can be modified by clicking and dragging on it.


Get the spherical length of a geometry. This length is the sum of the great circle distances between coordinates. For multi-part geometries, the length is the sum of the length of each part. Geometries are assumed to be in ‘EPSG:3857’.

  • Metric (m/km)
  • Feet (ft)
  • Miles (mi)
  • Nautical miles (nmi)
Geomap panel measure length
Geomap panel measure length


Get the spherical area of a geometry. This area is calculated assuming that polygon edges are segments of great circles on a sphere. Geometries are assumed to be in ‘EPSG:3857’.

  • Square Meters (m²)
  • Square Kilometers (km²)
  • Square Feet (ft²)
  • Square Miles (mi²)
  • Acres (acre)
  • Hectare (ha)
Geomap panel measure area
Geomap panel measure area

Show debug

Displays debug information in the upper right corner. This can be useful for debugging or validating a data source.

  • Zoom displays current zoom level of the map.
  • Center displays the current longitude, latitude of the map center.
Geomap panel debug
Geomap panel debug


  • None displays tooltips only when a data point is clicked.
  • Details displays tooltips when a mouse pointer hovers over a data point.