Grafana documentation Release notes Release notes for Grafana 9.1.3
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Release notes for Grafana 9.1.3

Features and enhancements

Bug fixes

  • Alerting: Fix UI bug when setting custom notification policy group by. #54607, @JacobsonMT
  • AppRootPage: Fix issue navigating between two app plugin pages. #54519, @torkelo
  • Correlations: Use correct fallback handlers. #54511, @kalleep
  • FIX: RBAC prevents deleting empty snapshots (#54385). #54510, @gamab
  • LibraryElements: Fix inability to delete library panels under MySQL. #54600, @kaydelaney
  • Metrics: fix grafana_database_conn_* metrics, and add new go_sql_stats_* metrics as eventual replacement. #54405, @hairyhenderson
  • TestData DB: Fix node graph not showing when the Data type field is set to random. #54298, @CrypticSignal


The grafana_database_conn_* metrics are deprecated, and will be removed in a future version of Grafana. Use the go_sql_stats_* metrics instead. Issue #54405