Grafana Cloud Enterprise Open source

Release notes for Grafana 9.0.5

Features and enhancements

  • Access control: Show dashboard settings to users who can edit dashboard. #52535, @grafanabot
  • Alerting: Allow the webhook notifier to support a custom Authorization header. #52515, @gotjosh
  • Chore: Upgrade to Go version 1.17.12. #52523, @sakjur
  • Plugins: Add signature wildcard globbing for dedicated private plugin type. #52163, @wbrowne
  • Prometheus: Don’t show errors from unsuccessful API checks like rules or exemplar checks. #52193, @darrenjaneczek

Bug fixes

  • Access control: Allow organisation admins to add existing users to org (#51668). #52553, @vtorosyan
  • Alerting: Fix alert panel instance-based rules filtering. #52583, @konrad147
  • Apps: Fixes navigation between different app plugin pages. #52571, @torkelo
  • Cloudwatch: Upgrade grafana-aws-sdk to fix auth issue with secret keys. #52420, @sarahzinger
  • Grafana/toolkit: Fix incorrect image and font generation for plugin builds. #52661, @academo
  • Loki: Fix show context not working in some occasions. #52458, @svennergr
  • RBAC: Fix permissions on dashboards and folders created by anonymous users. #52615, @gamab