Grafana documentation Release notes Release notes for Grafana 9.0.3
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Release notes for Grafana 9.0.3

Features and enhancements

  • Access Control: Allow dashboard admins to query org users. #51652, @IevaVasiljeva
  • Access control: Allow organisation admins to add existing users to org. #51668, @IevaVasiljeva
  • Alerting: Add method to provisioning API for obtaining a group and its rules. #51761, @alexweav
  • Alerting: Add method to provisioning API for obtaining a group and its rules. #51398, @alexweav
  • Alerting: Allow filtering of contact points by name. #51933, @alexweav
  • Alerting: Disable /api/admin/pause-all-alerts with Unified Alerting. #51895, @joeblubaugh
  • Analytics: Add total queries and cached queries in usage insights logs. (Enterprise)
  • Annotations: Use point marker for short time range annotations. #51520, @codeincarnate
  • AzureMonitor: Update UI to experimental package. #52123, @asimpson
  • AzureMonitor: Update resource and namespace metadata. #52030, @despian
  • CloudWatch: Remove simplejson in favor of ’encoding/json’. #51062, @asimpson
  • DashboardRow: Collapse shortcut prevent to move the collapsed rows. #51589, @ivanortegaalba
  • Insights: Add dashboard UID to exported logs. (Enterprise)
  • Navigation: Highlight active nav item when Grafana is served from subpath. #51767, @kianelbo
  • Plugins: InfluxDB datasource - set epoch query param value as “ms”. #51651, @itsmylife
  • Plugins: InfluxDB update time range query. #51833, @itsmylife
  • StateTimeline: Try to sort time field. #51569, @zoltanbedi

Bug fixes

  • API: Do not validate/save legacy alerts when saving a dashboard if legacy alerting is disabled. #51883, @papagian
  • Access Control: Fix missing folder permissions. #52153, @IevaVasiljeva
  • Alerting: Add method to reset notification policy tree back to the default. #51934, @alexweav
  • Alerting: Fix Teams notifier not failing on 200 response with error. #52254, @JacobsonMT
  • Alerting: Fix bug where state did not change between Alerting and Error. #52204, @grobinson-grafana
  • Alerting: Fix consistency errors in OpenAPI documentation. #51935, @alexweav
  • Alerting: Fix normalization of alert states for panel annotations. #51637, @gillesdemey
  • Alerting: Provisioning API respects global rule quota. #52180, @alexweav
  • CSRF: Fix additional headers option. #50629, @sakjur
  • Chore: Bump parse-url to 6.0.2 to fix security vulnerabilities. #51796, @jackw
  • Chore: Fix CVE-2020-7753. #51752, @jackw
  • Chore: Fix CVE-2021-3807. #51753, @jackw
  • Chore: Fix CVE-2021-3918. #51745, @jackw
  • Chore: Fix CVE-2021-43138. #51751, @jackw
  • Chore: Fix CVE-2022-0155. #51755, @jackw
  • Custom Branding: Fix login logo size. (Enterprise)
  • Dashboard: Fixes tooltip issue with TimePicker and Setting buttons. #51836, @torkelo
  • Dashboard: Prevent unnecessary scrollbar when viewing single panel. #52122, @lpskdl
  • Logs: Fixed wrapping log lines from detected fields. #52108, @svennergr
  • Loki: Add missing operators in label filter expression. #51880, @ivanahuckova
  • Loki: Fix error when changing operations with different parameters. #51779, @svennergr
  • Loki: Fix suggesting of correct operations in query builder. #52034, @ivanahuckova
  • Plugins: InfluxDB variable interpolation fix. #51917, @itsmylife
  • Plugins: InfluxDB variable interpolation fix for influxdbBackendMigration feature flag. #51624, @itsmylife
  • Reports: Fix line breaks in message. (Enterprise)
  • Reports: Fix saving report formats. (Enterprise)
  • SQLstore: Fix fetching an inexistent playlist. #51962, @papagian
  • Security: Fixes for CVE-2022-31107 and CVE-2022-31097. #52279, @kminehart
  • Snapshots: Fix deleting external snapshots when using RBAC. #51897, @idafurjes
  • Table: Fix scrollbar being hidden by pagination. #51501, @zoltanbedi
  • Templating: Changing between variables with the same name now correctly triggers a dashboard refresh. #51490, @ashharrison90
  • Time series panel: Fix an issue with stacks being not complete due to the incorrect data frame length. #51910, @dprokop
  • [v9.0.x] Snapshots: Fix deleting external snapshots when using RBAC (#51897). #51904, @idafurjes