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Release notes for Grafana 8.4.0

Features and enhancements

  • API: Extract OpenAPI specification from source code using go-swagger. #40528, @papagian
  • AccessControl: Disable user remove and user update roles when they do not have the permissions. #43429, @Jguer
  • AccessControl: Provisioning for teams. #43767, @gamab
  • API: Add usage stats preview endpoint. #43899, @Jguer
  • Alerting: Move slow queries in the scheduler to another goroutine. #44423, @grobinson-grafana
  • Alerting: Use time.Ticker instead of alerting.Ticker in ngalert. #44395, @grobinson-grafana
  • Alerting: add custom grouping to Alert Panel. #44559, @gillesdemey
  • Analytics: Add user id tracking to google analytics. #42763, @autoric
  • Angular: Add AngularJS plugin support deprecation plan to docs site. #45149, @torkelo
  • Auth: implement auto_sign_up for auth.jwt. #43502, @sakjur
  • Azure Monitor Logs: Order subscriptions in resource picker by name. #45228, @sunker
  • Azure monitor Logs: Optimize data fetching in resource picker. #44549, @sunker
  • AzureMonitor: Filter list of resources by resourceType. #43522, @andresmgot
  • BarChart: color by field, x time field, bar radius, label skipping. #43257, @leeoniya
  • Chore: Implement OpenTelemetry in Grafana. #42674, @idafurjes
  • Cloud Monitoring: Adds metric type to Metric drop down options. #43268, @tw1nk
  • CloudWatch: Add Data Lifecycle Manager metrics and dimension. #43310, @ilyastoli
  • CloudWatch: Add Missing Elasticache Host-level metrics. #43455, @dhendo
  • CloudWatch: Add all ElastiCache Redis Metrics. #43336, @siavashs
  • CloudWatch: Add new AWS/ES metrics. #43034, @sunker
  • Cloudwatch: Add syntax highlighting and autocomplete for “Metric Search”. #43985, @sarahzinger
  • Explore: Support custom display label for exemplar links for Prometheus datasource. #42732, @JokerQueue
  • Hotkeys: Make time range absolute/permanent. #43802, @davkal
  • Playlists: Enable sharing direct links to playlists. #44161, @ashharrison90
  • SQLStore: Prevent concurrent migrations. #44101, @papagian
  • SSE: Add Mode to drop NaN/Inf/Null in Reduction operations. #43583, @kylebrandt
  • Setting: Support configuring feature toggles with bools instead of just passing an array. #43326, @bergquist
  • TimeSeries: Add support for negative Y and constant transform. #44774, @dprokop
  • Transformations: Add ‘JSON’ field type to ConvertFieldTypeTransformer. #42624, @sd2k

Bug fixes

  • Auth: Guarantee consistency of signed SigV4 headers. #45054, @wbrowne
  • CloudWatch: Fix MetricName resetting on Namespace change. #44165, @yaelleC
  • Cloudwatch : Fixed resetting metric name when changing namespace in Metric Query. #44612, @yaelleC
  • Explore: Avoid locking timepicker when range is inverted. #44790, @Elfo404
  • Instrumentation: Fix HTTP request instrumentation of authentication failures. #44234, @marefr
  • LibraryPanels: Prevent long descriptions and names from obscuring the delete button. #45190, @zuchka
  • OAuth: Fix parsing of ID token if header contains non-string value. #44159, @marefr
  • Panel Edit: Visualization search now works correctly with special characters. #45137, @ashharrison90
  • Provisioning: Fix duplicate validation when multiple organizations have been configured. #44151, @marefr
  • QueryField: Fix issue with undo history when suggestion is inserted (#28656). #39114, @glintik
  • TablePanel: Do not prefix columns with frame name if multiple frames and override active. #45174, @mdvictor


AngularJS plugin support is now in a deprecated state, meaning it will be removed in a future release. Currently, that is planned for version 10 (in 2023). The documentation site has an article with more details on why, when, and how. Issue #45149