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Release notes for Grafana 8.1.2

Features and enhancements

  • AzureMonitor: Add support for PostgreSQL and MySQL Flexible Servers. #38075, @joshhunt
  • Datasource: Change HTTP status code for failed datasource health check to 400. #37895, @stephaniehingtgen
  • Explore: Add span duration to left panel in trace viewer. #37806, @connorlindsey
  • Plugins: Use file extension allowlist when serving plugin assets instead of checking for UNIX executable. #37688, @wbrowne
  • Profiling: Support binding pprof server to custom network interfaces. #36580, @cinaglia
  • Search: Make search icon keyboard navigable. #37865, @tskarhed
  • Template variables: Keyboard navigation improvements. #38001, @tskarhed
  • Tooltip: Display milliseconds (ms) within minute time range. #37569, @nikki-kiga

Bug fixes

Plugin development fixes & changes