Release notesRelease notes for Grafana 8.0.5

Release notes for Grafana 8.0.5

Features and enhancements

Bug fixes

  • AzureMonitor: Fix issue where resource group name is missing on the resource picker button. #36400, @joshhunt
  • Chore: Fix AWS auth assuming role with workspace IAM. #36430, @wbrowne
  • DashboardQueryRunner: Fixes unrestrained subscriptions being created. #36371, @hugohaggmark
  • DateFormats: Fix reading correct setting key for use_browser_locale. #36428, @torkelo
  • Links: Fix links to other apps outside Grafana when under sub path. #36498, @torkelo
  • Snapshots: Fix snapshot absolute time range issue. #36350, @torkelo
  • Table: Fix data link color. #36446, @tharun208
  • Time Series: Fix X-axis time format when tick increment is larger than a year. #36335, @torkelo
  • Tooltip Plugin: Prevent Tooltip render if field is undefined. #36260, @ashharrison90