Share Panel

DashboardsSharing a panel

Click a panel title to open the panel menu, then click share in the panel menu to open the Share Panel dialog. Here you have access to a link that will take you to exactly this panel with the current time range and selected template variables. Below are ways to share a panel.

You also get a link to render a PNG image of the panel. Useful if you want to share an image of the panel. Read more about the requirements and how to configure image rendering here.

Example of a link to a server-side rendered PNG:

Query String Parameters For Server-Side Rendered Images

  • width: width in pixels. Default is 800.
  • height: height in pixels. Default is 400.
  • tz: timezone in the format UTC%2BHH%3AMM where HH and MM are offset in hours and minutes after UTC
  • timeout: number of seconds. The timeout can be increased if the query for the panel needs more than the default 30 seconds.
  • scale: numeric value to configure device scale factor. Default is 1. Use a higher value to produce more detailed images (higher DPI). Supported in Grafana v7.0+.

Embed Panel

You can embed a panel using an iframe on another web site. This tab will show you the html that you need to use.

Note: This sharing requires allow_embedding enabled and anonymous access, or proper configuration of the cookie_samesite setting.


<iframe src="" width="650" height="300" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Below there should be an interactive Grafana graph embedded in an iframe:

Export Panel Data

The submenu for a panel can be found by clicking on the title of a panel and then on the More submenu.

This menu contains two options for exporting data:

  • The panel JSON (the specification and not the data) can be exported or updated via the panel context menu.
  • Panel data can be exported in the CSV format for Table and Graph Panels.