PanelsWorking with Grafana panelsNavigate the Grafana panel editor

Navigate the Grafana panel editor

This page describes the parts of the Grafana panel editor.

  1. Panel header: The header section lists the dashboard in which the panel appears and the following controls:

    • Dashboard settings (gear) icon - Click to access the dashboard settings.
    • Discard - Discards changes you have made to the panel since you last saved the dashboard.
    • Save - Saves changes you made to the panel.
    • Apply - Applies changes you made and closes the panel editor, returning you to the dashboard. You will have to save the dashboard to persist the applied changes.
  2. Visualization preview: The visualization preview section contains the following options:

    • Table view - Convert any visualization to a table so that you can see the data. Table views are useful for troubleshooting.
    • Fill - The visualization preview fills the available space. If you change the width of the side pane or height of the bottom pane the visualization changes to fill the available space.
    • Actual - The visualization preview will have the exact size as the size on the dashboard. If not enough space is available, the visualization will scale down preserving the aspect ratio.
    • Time range controls - For more information, refer to Time range controls.
  3. Data section: The data section contains tabs where you enter queries, transform your data, and create alert rules (if applicable).

    • Query tab - Select your data source and enter queries here. For more information, refer to Add a query.

    • Transform tab - Apply data transformations. For more information, refer to Transform data.

    • Alert tab - Write alert rules. For more information, refer to Overview of Grafana 8 alerting.

  4. Panel display options: The display options section contains tabs where you configure almost every aspect of your data visualization, including:

Not all options are available for each visualization.