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Gauge panel

Gauge is a single value panel that can repeat a gauge for every series, column or row.

Data and field options

Gauge visualizations allow you to apply:

Display options

Use the following options to refine your visualization:

  • Show - Choose how Grafana displays your data.
    • Calculate - Show a calculated Value based on all rows. For a list of available calculations, refer to List of calculations.
    • All values - Show a separate stat for every row. If you select this option, then you can also select a Limit, or the maximum number of rows to display.
  • Orientation - Choose a stacking direction.
    • Auto - Grafana selects what it thinks is the best orientation.
    • Horizontal - Bars stretch horizontally, left to right.
    • Vertical - Bars stretch vertically, top to bottom.
  • Show threshold labels - Controls if threshold values are shown.
  • Show threshold markers - Controls if a threshold band is shown outside the inner gauge value band.