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Add a threshold to a legacy graph panel

In the Graph panel visualization, thresholds enable you to add lines or sections to a graph to make it easier to recognize when the graph crosses a threshold.

Before you begin

To add a threshold to a graph panel:

  1. Navigate to the graph panel to which you want to add a threshold.
  2. On the Panel tab, click Thresholds.
  3. Click Add threshold.
  4. Complete the following fields:
    • T1 - Both values are required to display a threshold.
      • lt or gt - Select lt for less than or gt for greater than to indicate what the threshold applies to.
      • Value - Enter a threshold value. Grafana draws a threshold line along the Y-axis at that value.
    • Color - Choose a condition that corresponds to a color, or define your own color.
      • custom - You define the fill color and line color.
      • critical - Fill and line color are red.
      • warning - Fill and line color are yellow.
      • ok - Fill and line color are green.
    • Fill - Controls whether the threshold fill is displayed.
    • Line - Controls whether the threshold line is displayed.
    • Y-Axis - Choose left or right.
  5. Click Save to save the changes in the dashboard.