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Configure repeating panels

For queries that return multiple values for a variable, you can configure Grafana to dynamically add panels based on those values.

Note: Repeating panels require variables to have one or more items selected; you cannot repeat a panel zero times to hide it.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that the query includes a multi-value variable.

To configure repeating panels:

  1. Edit the panel you want to repeat.

  2. On the display options pane, expand Panel options > Repeat options.

  3. Select a direction.

    • Choose horizontal to arrange panels side-by-side. Grafana adjusts the width of a repeated panel. Currently, you cannot mix other panels on a row with a repeated panel.
    • Choose vertical to arrange panels in a column. The width of repeated panels is the same as the original, repeated panel.
  4. To propagate changes to all panels, reload the dashboard.