API Reference@grafana/dataDataFrameType

DataFrameType enum

DataFrameType enum

See also: https://github.com/grafana/grafana-plugin-sdk-go/blob/main/data/frame_type.go


export declare enum DataFrameType 


import { DataFrameType } from '@grafana/data';

Enumeration Members

Member Value Description
DirectoryListing "directory-listing" Directory listing
HeatmapCells "heatmap-cells" Explicit fields for: xMin, yMin, count, …All values in the grid exist and have regular spacingIf the y value is actually ordinal, use meta.custom to specify the bucket lookup values
HeatmapRows "heatmap-rows" First field is X, the rest are ordinal values used as rows in the heatmap
TimeSeriesLong "timeseries-long"
TimeSeriesMany "timeseries-many"
TimeSeriesWide "timeseries-wide"