Keyboard shortcuts

Grafana v4 introduces a number of really powerful keyboard shortcuts. You can now focus a panel by hovering over it with your mouse. With a panel focused you can simple hit e to toggle panel edit mode, or v to toggle fullscreen mode. p r removes the panel. p s opens share modal.

Hit ? on your keyboard to open the shortcuts help modal.


  • g h Go to Home Dashboard
  • g p Go to Profile
  • s o Open search
  • s s Open search with starred filter
  • s t Open search in tags view
  • esc Exit edit/setting views


  • mod+s Save dashboard
  • mod+h Hide row controls
  • d r Refresh all panels
  • d s Dashboard settings
  • d v Toggle in-active / view mode
  • d k Toggle kiosk mode (hides top nav)
  • d E Expand all rows
  • d C Collapse all rows
  • mod+o Toggle shared graph crosshair

Focused Panel

  • e Toggle panel edit view
  • v Toggle panel fullscreen view
  • p s Open Panel Share Modal
  • p d Duplicate Panel
  • p r Remove Panel

Time Range

  • t z Zoom out time range
  • t Move time range back
  • t Move time range forward

mod = Ctrl on Windows or Linux and Cmd key on macOS