Reporting is only available in Grafana Enterprise. Read more about Grafana Enterprise.

Only available in Grafana v6.4+

Reporting allows you to generate PDFs from any of your Dashboards and have them sent out to interested parties on a schedule.

Dashboard as a Report

With Reports there are a few things to keep in mind, most importantly, any changes you make to the Dashboard used in a report will be reflected in the report. If you change the time range in the Dashboard the time range will be the same in the report as well.


SMTP must be configured for reports to be sent


Reporting requires the rendering plugin.

Reporting with the built-in image rendering is not supported. We recommend installing the image renderer plugin.


Currently only Organisation Admins can create reports. To get to report click on the reports icon in the side menu. This will allow you to list, create and update your reports.

Setting Description
Name name of the Report
Dashboard what dashboard to generate the report from
Recipients emails of the people who will receive this report
ReplyTo your email address, so that the recipient can respond
Message message body in the email with the report
Schedule how often do you want the report generated and sent

Debugging errors

If you have problems with the reporting feature you can enable debug logging by switching the logger to debug (filters = report:debug). Learn more about making configuration changes here.