White labeling

Only available in Grafana Enterprise v6.6+.

Grafana Enterprise has white labeling options in the grafana.ini file (can also be set via ENV variables).

You can change the following elements:

  • Login Background
  • Login Logo
  • Side menu top logo
  • Footer & Help menu links
  • Fav icon (shown in browser tab)

You will have to host your logo and other images used by the white labeling feature separately.

# Enterprise only
# Set to complete URL to override login logo
;login_logo =

# Set to complete css background expression to override login background
# example: login_background = url(http://www.bhmpics.com/wallpapers/starfield-1920x1080.jpg)
;login_background =

# Set to complete URL to override menu logo
;menu_logo =

# Set to complete URL to override fav icon (icon shown in browser tab)
;fav_icon =

# Set to complete URL to override apple/ios icon
;apple_touch_icon =

# Below is an example for how to replace the default footer & help links with 2 custom links
;footer_links = support guides
;footer_links_support_text = Support
;footer_links_support_url = http://your.support.site
;footer_links_guides_text = Guides
;footer_links_guides_url = http://your.guides.site