White labeling

White labeling allows you to replace the Grafana brand and logo with your own corporate brand and logo.

Only available in Grafana Enterprise v6.6+.

Grafana Enterprise has white labeling options in the grafana.ini file. As with all configuration options, you can also be set set them with environment variables.

You can change the following elements:

  • Application title
  • Login background
  • Login logo
  • Side menu top logo
  • Footer and help menu links
  • Fav icon (shown in browser tab)

You will have to host your logo and other images used by the white labeling feature separately. Make sure Grafana can access the URL where the assets are stored.

The configuration file in Grafana Enterprise contains the following options. Each option is defined in the file. For more information about configuring Grafana, refer to Configuration.

# Enterprise only
# Set to your company name to override application title
;app_title =

# Set to complete URL to override login logo
;login_logo =

# Set to complete css background expression to override login background
# example: login_background = url(http://www.bhmpics.com/wallpapers/starfield-1920x1080.jpg)
;login_background =

# Set to complete URL to override menu logo
;menu_logo =

# Set to complete URL to override fav icon (icon shown in browser tab)
;fav_icon =

# Set to complete URL to override apple/ios icon
;apple_touch_icon =

Below is an example for how to replace the default footer and help links with two custom links.

footer_links = support guides
footer_links_support_text = Support
footer_links_support_url = http://your.support.site
footer_links_guides_text = Guides
footer_links_guides_url = http://your.guides.site

Here is the same example using environment variables instead of the custom.ini or grafana.ini file.