DevelopersBuild a pluginAdd support for Explore queries

Add support for Explore queries

This guide explains how to improve support for Explore to an existing data source plugin.

This guide assumes that you’re already familiar with how to Build a data source plugin.

With Explore, users can make ad-hoc queries without the use of a dashboard. This is useful when users want to troubleshoot or to learn more about the data.

Your data source already supports Explore by default, and will use the existing query editor for the data source. If you want to offer extended Explore functionality for your data source however, you can define a Explore-specific query editor.

Add a query editor for Explore

The query editor for Explore is similar to the query editor for the data source itself. In fact, you’ll probably reuse the same components for both query editors.

  1. Create a file ExploreQueryEditor.tsx in the src directory of your plugin, with the following content:

    import React from 'react';
    import { ExploreQueryFieldProps } from '@grafana/data';
    import { QueryField } from '@grafana/ui';
    import { DataSource } from './DataSource';
    import { MyQuery, MyDataSourceOptions } from './types';
    export type Props = ExploreQueryFieldProps<DataSource, MyQuery, MyDataSourceOptions>;
    export default (props: Props) => {
      return (
        <h2>My query editor</h2>
  2. Configure the plugin to use the ExploreQueryEditor.

    import ExploreQueryEditor from './ExploreQueryEditor';
    export const plugin = new DataSourcePlugin<DataSource, MyQuery, MyDataSourceOptions>(DataSource)
  3. Add a QueryField to ExploreQueryEditor.

    import { QueryField } from '@grafana/ui';
    export default (props: Props) => {
      const { query } = props;
      const onQueryChange = (value: string, override?: boolean) => {
        const { query, onChange, onRunQuery } = props;
        if (onChange) {
          // Update the query whenever the query field changes.
          onChange({ ...query, queryText: value });
          // Run the query on Enter.
          if (override && onRunQuery) {
      return (
          query={query.queryText || ''}
          placeholder="Enter a query"

Support multiple Explore modes

Explore lets you query any data source, regardless of whether it returns metrics or logs. You can change which type of query you want to make, by setting the Explore mode.

The query modes that the plugin supports are defined in the plugin.json file.

The query mode is available on the props object for both the query editor and the start page. For example, here’s how you can change the query editor based on the currently selected mode:

export default (props: Props) => {
  const { query, exploreMode } = props;

  switch (exploreMode) {
    case ExploreMode.Metrics:
      return <MetricsQueryField query={query} />;
    case ExploreMode.Logs:
      return <LogsQueryField query={query} />;
      return <p>Unsupported mode</p>;

For possible options, refer to PreferredVisualisationType.