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Both documentation generation and kinds schemas are in active development and subject to change without prior notice.


Maturity: experimental

Version: 0.0

exprstringYesThe actual expression/query that will be evaluated by Prometheus
refIdstringYesA unique identifier for the query within the list of targets.
In server side expressions, the refId is used as a variable name to identify results.
By default, the UI will assign A->Z; however setting meaningful names may be useful.
datasourceNoFor mixed data sources the selected datasource is on the query level.
For non mixed scenarios this is undefined.
TODO find a better way to do this ^ that’s friendly to schema
TODO this shouldn’t be unknown but DataSourceRef | null
editorModestringNoPossible values are: code, builder.
exemplarbooleanNoExecute an additional query to identify interesting raw samples relevant for the given expr
formatstringNoPossible values are: time_series, table, heatmap.
hidebooleanNotrue if query is disabled (ie should not be returned to the dashboard)
Note this does not always imply that the query should not be executed since
the results from a hidden query may be used as the input to other queries (SSE etc)
instantbooleanNoReturns only the latest value that Prometheus has scraped for the requested time series
intervalFactornumberNo@deprecated Used to specify how many times to divide max data points by. We use max data points under query options
legendFormatstringNoSeries name override or template. Ex. {{hostname}} will be replaced with label value for hostname
queryTypestringNoSpecify the query flavor
TODO make this required and give it a default
rangebooleanNoReturns a Range vector, comprised of a set of time series containing a range of data points over time for each time series