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Both documentation generation and kinds schemas are in active development and subject to change without prior notice.


Maturity: experimental

Version: 0.0

labelSelectorstringYes{}Specifies the query label selectors.
profileTypeIdstringYesSpecifies the type of profile to query.
refIdstringYesA unique identifier for the query within the list of targets.
In server side expressions, the refId is used as a variable name to identify results.
By default, the UI will assign A->Z; however setting meaningful names may be useful.
datasourceNoFor mixed data sources the selected datasource is on the query level.
For non mixed scenarios this is undefined.
TODO find a better way to do this ^ that’s friendly to schema
TODO this shouldn’t be unknown but DataSourceRef | null
hidebooleanNotrue if query is disabled (ie should not be returned to the dashboard)
Note this does not always imply that the query should not be executed since
the results from a hidden query may be used as the input to other queries (SSE etc)
queryTypestringNoSpecify the query flavor
TODO make this required and give it a default