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Scripted dashboards

Warning: This feature is deprecated and will be removed in a future release.

If you have lots of metric names that change (new servers etc) in a defined pattern it is irritating to constantly have to create new dashboards.

With scripted dashboards you can dynamically create your dashboards using javascript. In the Grafana install folder under public/dashboards/ there is a file named scripted.js. This file contains an example of a scripted dashboard. You can access it by using the URL: http://grafana_url/dashboard/script/scripted.js?rows=3&name=myName

If you open scripted.js you can see how it reads URL parameters from ARGS variable and then adds rows and panels.


var seriesName = 'argName';

if (!_.isUndefined(ARGS.name)) {
  seriesName = ARGS.name;

  title: 'Events',
  type: 'graph',
  fill: 1,
  linewidth: 2,
  gridPos: {
    h: 10,
    w: 24,
    x: 0,
    y: 10,
  targets: [
      target: "randomWalk('" + seriesName + "')",
      target: "randomWalk('random walk2')",

return dashboard;

More examples

You can find more examples in public/dashboards/ directory of your Grafana installation.