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Release date: 21 Mar 2024

Built-in Generative AI support in Cloud

We released generative AI support in both OSS and Cloud last year, supporting features like Incident auto-summary and dashboard creation assistance. One downside was that it was tedious to set up – you had to install & enable the LLM plugin, and separately sign up with OpenAI or Azure to configure your own API keys.

On Cloud, this just got a lot easier!

In your Grafana Cloud account, you’ll find the LLM plugin already there and ready to go. To turn on generative AI features for your instance, just choose “Use OpenAI provided by Grafana”, accept the terms, and click “Save & test”.

Then try one of the Gen AI powered features:

  • Explain Flamegraphs & offer suggestions to fix issues
  • Suggest titles & descriptions for dashboards & dashboard panels
  • Explain error log lines in Sift
  • Auto-summarize an incident while resolving
  • Generate KQL queries in the Azure Data Explorer plugin

To learn more, check our online documentation.