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Release date: 4 Mar 2024

AngularJS plugin warnings in dashboards

AngularJS support in Grafana was deprecated in v9 and will be turned off by default in Grafana v11. When this happens, any plugin which depended on AngularJS will not load, and dashboard panels will be unable to show data.

To help you understand where you may be impacted, Grafana now displays a warning banner in any dashboard with a dependency on an AngularJS plugin. Additionally, warning icons are present in any panel where the panel plugin or underlying data source plugin has an AngularJS dependency.

This complements the existing warnings already present on the Plugins page under the administration menu.

In addition, you can use our detect-angular-dashboards open source tool, which can be run against any Grafana instance to generate a report listing all dashboards that have a dependency on an AngularJS plugin, as well as which plugins are in use. This tool also supports the detection of private plugins that are dependent on AngularJS, however this particular feature requires Grafana v10.1.0 or higher.

Use the aforementioned tooling and warnings to plan migrations to React based visualizations and data sources included in Grafana or from the Grafana plugins catalog.

To learn more, refer to the Angular support deprecation, which includes recommended alternative plugins.