Grafana Cloud

k6 Legacy REST API


The Legacy REST API is no longer under active development. It should not be used except when it provides capabilities not yet offered by the Grafana Cloud k6 REST API.

Welcome to the Legacy REST API docs!

The things you can do with the Legacy REST API include:

  • View data about organizations
  • Start tests
  • Retrieve data about tests and test runs


Authentication is based on a custom token scheme.

The Auth Token lets you interact with the k6 CLI and REST API.

Requests to the cloud API MUST contain an authorization header with the value of your token. Using curl, a request looks like this:

curl -H "Authorization: token <YOUR_API_TOKEN_HERE>"  #replace with your token


OrganizationsList, Read, and List projects
Load testsList, Read, Update and Delete a Load Test
Load test runsStart, Stop, List and Read a Load Test Run
Test run metricsList, Read, and Export metric test data
Error referenceError message format