ReferenceAvailable configuration customizations

Available configuration customizations

To request assistance customizing your Grafana instance with one of the customizations listed on this page, click Open a Support Ticket from the Cloud Portal.

Customizing Grafana is available only on Grafana Cloud Pro and Advanced (pricing information)

This pages lists some of the customizations available.

Custom domain

To configure your Grafana Cloud to use a custom domain:

  1. Create a CNAME record in DNS pointing to the instance URL. Example: IN CNAME
  2. Open a support request to configure the ingress endpoint on our end.

Enabling the login form

Grafana login form

If enabled, the login form is visible on the login page. It allows users to authenticate with the local database (internal to Grafana) or LDAP.

By default this is disabled and users log in using their Grafana Cloud Account. They must be a member of the Organization.

Here’s the equivalent Grafana configuration, for comparison: disable_login_form

Adding an OAuth2 provider

If you have a Pro or Advanced account, you can configure Open Authorization (OAuth2) for you Grafana instance directly from your Cloud Portal using Google, GitHub, and Azure AD client IDs.

To learn how to configure and enable OAuth from your Grafana Cloud stack, see Configure Open Authorization.

You can add more than one OAuth provider. Contact support to disable auth.grafananet authentication.

Adding an LDAP configuration

To add an LDAP configuration, click Open a Support Ticket from the Cloud Portal. We will request the ldap.toml file and configuration parameters and provision the provider in your Grafana instance.

See also: LDAP configuration

Using SAML

Advanced accounts can have SAML enabled by contacting support. Click Open a Support Ticket from the Cloud Portal to create a ticket.

When you create the ticket, be prepared to upload some information with the ticket to expedite the process. Use the Attachments upload to submit them, by clicking on the document logo, shown here.

Upload a file in a support ticket

Please provide the following:

  • A description of what IdP metadata.xml is supposed to look like, preferably with a sample and according to each major provider, if possible
  • Instructions covering what needs to be done on the SAML side for the major providers
  • A sample of the IdP XML response, to read the raw assertions in case we need to troubleshoot why one or more attributes may not be properly parsed

NOTE: We do not allow IdP-initiated login on Grafana Cloud (for security reasons).

Change the hosted subdomain

By default, your organization is assigned a subdomain based on your cloud stack name, such as To customize the subdomain, click Open a Support Ticket from the Cloud Portal to create a ticket.

Change the account URL

By default, your organization is assigned an account URL based on your account name, such as To customize this, click Open a Support Ticket from the Cloud Portal to create a ticket.