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Frequently asked questions about migrating to Grafana 8 on Grafana Cloud

Here are our responses to common questions about the release of Grafana Cloud 8 on Grafana instances hosted in Grafana Cloud as a part of our SaaS offering. This is different from OSS Grafana instances maintained on-prem. If you have questions about a local Grafana 8 installation please visit the Grafana Community forums.

How do I know if I’m on Grafana 8?

In the bottom left hand corner of your Grafana instance, hover over the (?) icon. A tooltip will appear displaying your Grafana version such as “Grafana v7.5.7” or “Grafana v8.0.0”

When will I get on Grafana 8?

We plan on releasing Grafana 8 to all Grafana Cloud users as a progressive and incremental rollout throughout June 2021.

Can I get on Grafana 8 now?

You may be able to initiate an upgrade to Grafana 8 by restarting your Grafana instance. You can try this by:

Installing the Grafana Cloud API and using the instance restart command.


Adding any new (not yet installed) plugin to your Grafana from our Plugins page to initiate an instance restart.

Can I get back on Grafana 7?

Grafana instances in Grafana Cloud will always be on the most recent and stable version of Grafana on all accounts. It is not possible to request being reverted to, or kept on, an older version of Grafana. If we find any regressions, we may, at our discretion, temporarily revert a Grafana instance back to an older version until the issue has been resolved.

I’ve been experiencing an issue in Grafana Cloud ever since the upgrade to Grafana 8. What should I do?

Go to your Grafana portal and open a Support ticket detailing the issue. Please provide screencaps or errors whenever possible and note why you specifically think this might be related to Grafana 8. If the issue involves a plugin include the name of that plugin in your Support ticket as well. See Billing and support for how to submit a ticket.

What’s different on Grafana 8?

Check out the latest with What’s New on Grafana 8 and Grafana 8.0: Unified Grafana and Prometheus alerts, live streaming, new visualizations, and more!.

I’m on Grafana 8 but I don’t see the option to enable the new Grafana 8 alerting?

The ability to enable the new Grafana 8 alerting won’t be immediately available in Grafana Cloud but is coming soon!