Grafana Cloud

Traceroute checks

A Traceroute check runs a traceroute from probes to targets. You can trace the path of a request through the internet and get more detailed information about how your requests are flowing through the public internet.

Traceroute check can be useful to visualize network path, see how that path changes over time, and how it’s reaching the destination.

For more details, refer to How traceroute in the Synthetic Monitoring plugin for Grafana Cloud helps network troubleshooting.


Traceroute checks have the following additional settings:

Option nameDescription
Max hopsMaximum number of hops before giving up.
Max unknown hopsMaximum number of unknown hops before giving up.
PTR lookupPerform a reverse lookup from IP to hostname.

These configuration options don’t produce any additional labels in the resulting metrics.


Metric nameDescription
probe_all_duration_secondsReturns how long the probe took to complete in seconds (histogram).
probe_all_successDisplays whether or not the probe was a success (summary).
probe_duration_secondsReturns how long the probe took to complete in seconds.
probe_successDisplays whether or not the probe was a success.
probe_traceroute_packet_loss_percentOverall percentage of packet loss during the traceroute.
probe_traceroute_route_hashHash of all the hosts in a traceroute path. Used to determine route volatility.
probe_traceroute_total_hopsTotal hops to reach a traceroute destination.
sm_check_infoProvides information about a single check configuration.