Grafana Cloud

Ping checks

Ping is the simplest check to test that an endpoint is available. Target servers must be reachable from the probe’s network and be configured to reply to ICMP echo requests. The time for the endpoint to respond is used to measure latency from each probe location.


Ping checks have the following additional settings:

Option nameDescription
IP versionThe internet protocol version to use (V4, V6 or any).
Don’t fragmentSet the DF-bit in the IP header. Only works with IPv4.

These configuration options don’t produce any additional labels in the resulting metrics.


Metric nameDescription
probe_all_duration_secondsReturns how long the probe took to complete in seconds (histogram).
probe_all_successDisplays whether or not the probe was a success (summary).
probe_dns_lookup_time_secondsReturns the time taken for probe DNS lookup in seconds.
probe_duration_secondsReturns how long the probe took to complete in seconds.
probe_icmp_duration_rtt_max_secondsMaximum duration of round trip time phase.
probe_icmp_duration_rtt_min_secondsMinimum duration of round trip time phase.
probe_icmp_duration_rtt_stddev_secondsStandard deviation of round trip time phase.
probe_icmp_duration_secondsDuration of ICMP request by phase.
probe_icmp_packets_received_countNumber of ICMP packets received.
probe_icmp_packets_sent_countNumber of ICMP packets sent.
probe_icmp_reply_hop_limitReplied packet hop limit (TTL for IPv4).
probe_ip_addr_hashSpecifies the hash of the IP address. It’s useful to detect if the IP address changes.
probe_ip_protocolSpecifies whether the probe IP protocol is IP4 or IP6.
probe_successDisplays whether or not the probe was a success.
sm_check_infoProvides information about a single check configuration.