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Kubernetes Monitoring

Kubernetes Monitoring

Kubernetes Monitoring provides a cohesive set of tools for you to monitor your Kubernetes fleet, both proactively to achieve optimal resource utilization and to troubleshoot and detect issues early. You can collect and store metrics, Pod logs, Cluster events, traces, and cost metrics in Grafana Cloud.


With Kubernetes Monitoring, you have:

  • One platform for comprehensive monitoring and visibility. As you analyze the health of your Clusters, Pods, and containers, and perform troubleshooting, you remain within the same Kubernetes Monitoring app. This makes analysis and troubleshooting more efficient and effective, reducing mean time to resolution.
  • Out-of-the-box visualizations of your data in a centralized toolkit instead of separate dashboards. Other components that come out of the box include cost monitoring insight, preconfigured alerts, alert rules, recording rules, and machine-learning predictions.

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