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Logs with Firehose


Logs with Firehose is currently in public preview. Grafana Labs offers limited support, and breaking changes might occur prior to the feature being made generally available.

You can stream logs from AWS to Grafana Cloud using Logs through Firehose. Logs with Lambda covers many use cases. However, if you have growing log volumes or have large-scale logs, Logs with Firehose is more scalable and almost three times cheaper.

How it works

Amazon Kinesis Firehose is a fully managed service for delivering real-time streaming data to a destination, such as any custom HTTP endpoint. Firehose acts as a stream that allows you to:

  • Send data into it.
  • Configure transformations.
  • Pick a destination where the data is to be delivered (such as an HTTP endpoint, S3 bucket, and so on).

The Kinesis Firehose delivery stream can batch and send ingested records to Grafana Cloud. You can configure multiple AWS resources to send events to the Firehose stream, including:

Logs with Firehose process
Logs with Firehose process