Grafana Cloud

Profiles settings

The Profiles Settings page lets you modify flame graph, export, and function details options.

Collapsed flame graphDefault: OffWhen this feature is active, you can collapse flame graphs to minimize their screen space.
Maximum number of nodesDefault: 16384This number controls the maximum number of nodes, which controls the depth of the flame graph. The higher the number, the more nodes are used in the flame graph. The flame graphs appear longer.
Enable flamegraph.comDefault: OnAdds a export option to the Export flame graph menu.
Enable function detailsDefault: OnEnables mapping of resource usage to lines of source code. If the GitHub integration is configured, then the source code is downloaded from GitHub.

Before you begin

You need to have administrator privileges in your Grafana instance to be view and modify the settings.

Modify settings

To change the settings for Profiles:

  1. Sign in to your Grafana instance using an account with administrator access.
  2. Select Settings under Explore > Profiles in the left navigation.
  3. Change any options as desired.
  4. Select Save settings to preserve the changes.