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Application Observability quickstart

The easiest and quickest way to get started with Application Observability is a local development setup that instruments a service with a Grafana OpenTelemetry distribution and sends the telemetry data directly to the Grafana Cloud OTLP gateway.

Application Observability - Quickstart architecture

Opt-in for metrics generation

Application Observability requires Grafana Cloud metrics generation. Opt-in for Grafana Cloud metrics generation if it is not already enabled. Note, there is a cost associated with enabling this feature.

Quickstart guides

These quickstart guides are intended for local development or evaluation setups and send data directly to Grafana Cloud without a data collector.


For a production setup with a data collector and troubleshooting information, consult the production documentation.

For other languages, use the upstream OpenTelemetry SDKs supported by the community.

Why should you use Beyla?

  • Easy: No need to modify or redeploy your application.
  • Legacy support: The language or language version is not supported by current OpenTelemetry SDKs.
  • Third-party application: You want to instrument third-party applications (Apache, Nginx…)
  • Performance: Your instrumentation libraries have too much impact in the performance of your applications (e.g. some Python high-load services)


Beyla does not have the same capabilities as the OpenTelemetry SDKs. For example, Beyla only supports trace context propagation in Go (and in some limited cases for non-Go programs); so in most cases it only creates a single span for each non-Go service.