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Setup Application Observability

Application Observability requires Grafana Cloud metrics generation, opt-in to enable it, and note there is a cost associated with using this feature.


For local development, follow the quickstart guide for the easiest and quickest way to get started with Application Observability.

Application Observability - Quickstart architecture


For production setups, follow the production guide to set up Application Observability with a data collector.

Application Observability - Architecture

Collect and send telemetry data

Use the recommended Grafana Alloy data collector or the community supported OpenTelemetry Collector to send data to to the Grafana Cloud OTLP gateway.

Grafana Alloy

Consult the Grafana Alloy documentation for the recommended and supported way to send telemetry data for infrastructure and applications to Grafana Cloud.

OpenTelemetry Collector

Alternatively, consult the Grafana OpenTelemetry Collector documentation to use the community supported OpenTelemetry Collector to send telemetry data to Grafana Cloud.

Resource attributes

Refer to the resource attributes documentation for the recommended OpenTelemetry resource attributes for Application Observability.

Metrics generated

Grafana Cloud generates metrics from environment spans and service dependencies to create the dashboards and service map.

The following metrics are generated from traces to power the insights and workflows:

traces_service_graph_request_totalCounterclient, server, connection_typeThe number of requests between two nodes
traces_service_graph_request_failed_totalCounterclient, server, connection_typeThe number of failed requests between two nodes
traces_service_graph_request_server_secondsHistogramclient, server, connection_typeThe request time from the server
traces_service_graph_request_client_secondsHistogramclient, server, connection_typeThe request time from the client
traces_service_graph_unpaired_spans_totalCounterclient, server, connection_typeThe number of unpaired spans
traces_service_graph_dropped_spans_totalCounterclient, server, connection_typeThe number of dropped spans
traces_spanmetrics_latencyHistogramDimensionsThe span duration
traces_spanmetrics_calls_totalCounterDimensionsThe count for the span
traces_spanmetrics_size_totalCounterDimensionsThe size of spans ingested