Grafana Cloud

Application Observability service inventory

The service inventory page lists all the services that are sending distributed traces to Grafana Cloud. Use the inventory page to filter services and navigate to:

  • The Service overview page for each service
  • The Service map to see a service graph

Like other Application Observability pages, the service inventory page has a header with a title, sub-tabs to navigate to, and an action bar to change the data source and time-related filters and refresh intervals.

The header on the service inventory page also includes a filters editor to filter the visible services.

Application Observability - service inventory page header with title, sub-tabs, action bar, search, and filters.

Action bar

Use the action bar to change the data source(s) and time-related filters and refresh intervals:

  • The default time range for all panels is 30 mins
  • If no data is shown, change the time range
  • Use the refresh interval dropdown to select an automatic refresh interval
  • Click the refresh icon to toggle a manual refresh

Below the action bar, use the Search field to search for a service by name.


Use filters to narrow down the list of services by name (full or partial), namespace, or technology.

Below the action bar, click the plus icon (+) to create a filter:

  • Select the field to filter by
  • Select an operator ("=" to match exactly, “!=” to exclude)
  • Select the value to match against

Service inventory

The Services table shows a paginated list of filtered services.

Each row contains the following information from the trace span:

  • Technology icon: inferred from telemetry.sdk.language
  • Service name: the value of
  • Service namespace: the value of service.namespace

Each row shows the RED method trends for monitoring service health:

  • Rate: the number of requests per second
  • Errors: the number of errors per second
  • Duration: the 95th percentile request duration

Click a service row to navigate to the service overview page.

Follow the setup documentation to add a service.

Application Observability - service inventory list with RED metrics.