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Ship metrics and logs using Grafana Agent Operator (beta)

Grafana Agent Operator is a Prometheus Operator inspired project that allows you to configure Grafana Agent using Kubernetes custom resources. It can greatly simplify managing, configuring, and deploying Grafana Agent into your Kubernetes clusters.

Note: You can instead use the Kubernetes Monitoring app to guide you through the configuration process, allowing you to scrape kube-state-metrics, collect Kubernetes events, and use preconfigured dashboards and alerts. For comparisons of configuration methods, see Grafana Kubernetes Monitoring.

Agent Operator currently supports:

  • Metrics
  • Logs
  • Grafana Agent integrations (like embedded node-exporter, MySQL exporter, etc. - in the main branch)

Support for the following features is under development:

  • Traces
  • Grafana Cloud Kubernetes integration (preconfigured manifests)

To learn how to install Agent Operator into your cluster (optionally using Helm), and configure custom resources to collect metrics and logs from your Kubernetes clusters, see Grafana Agent Operator.