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Other Kubernetes configuration methods

Kubernetes Monitoring is the preferred approach for monitoring your Kubernetes fleet, but you can use other methods, depending on your circumstances and the technologies you prefer. The following table describes some of the other approaches. Regardless of the approach you take, you can still use the preconfigured dashboards and alerts available with Kubernetes Monitoring.

Ship selective data (metrics, logs, and traces) using Grafana AgentSet up monitoring manually using Grafana Agent without using the Kubernetes Monitoring interface.
Ship Kubernetes metrics using remote_writeUse remote_write to ship metrics from new or existing Prometheus installations.
Migrate a Kube-Prometheus Helm stack to Grafana CloudConfigure a Kube-Prometheus stack in your Kubernetes cluster to ship metrics to Grafana Cloud.
Scrape application Pod metricsConfigure Grafana Agent to scrape application Prometheus metrics.