Grafana Cloud

Get started with Grafana Cloud k6

In these topics, learn the minimum needed to run tests and use Grafana k6 Cloud.

Here’s the essential information:

  • Requirements. To run cloud tests on the CLI, you need an API token and k6 OSS installed.

    You can write author test with a GUI, but for to use the full power of k6, it helps to know the OSS API.

  • Install. The k6 app comes with the latest Grafana instances.

  • Author Tests. Create tests in the graphical Test Builder, or write them in your code editor.

  • Configure cloud execution. Use cloud options to set load zones and environment variables.

  • Run tests. Run from the app or from the CLI.

  • Analyze results. Every test has a visualization of test metrics. You can also move k6 results to other dashboards to correlate test results with other system metrics.

The following articles will help you to get started: