Grafana Cloud

Save, share, delete a test run

After you analyze your test, you might want to mark it for further analysis. To do this, you have a few options:

  • Save the test, keeping it beyond normal data retention periods.
  • Make notes on the test, preserving contextual details.
  • Export it to another format, so you can query it with the program of your choice.
  • Make a shareable link, so you can show the results to others.
  • Delete irrelevant tests, de-cluttering your UI.

To do any of these actions, use the vertical-dots icon to open the Test Result menu. Test Results Menu

Share a test result

Project members can access the project test results. For non-project members, you have a few options to share test results:

  • Generate a PDF report. A executive summary of the test results. Read about the PDF report.
  • Export data to CSV format to query them with other program. Read about CSV format.
  • Share a public link that does not require authentication. This option could expose sensitive test information.

Create a note

The Create Note option launches a modal window with a text box.

You can write comments about the test, mark changes, or add any context worth noting.

Delete test results

Test deletion is irreversible.

Deletes the current test result.