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Analyze test results

The following topics describe the common options to analyze test results in Grafana Cloud k6.

About the test overview

When you enter a project, the app presents an overview of all the project’s tests. Each test is comprised of individual test runs represented by bars in a chart. The bar length represents the values reported by the trending metric, and the color represents the test status.

A tiled view of all test runs in a project

Each test has a unique name

k6 groups test runs according to the test name. The name of the test is determined by one of the following:

  • Its name in the Test Builder
  • The script file name
  • The value of the property in the script file (this overrides the file name).

Bar colors and test run status

The color of the bar for a test run indicates its status:

  • Green indicates the test finished with no failed thresholds
  • Red indicates that the test failed one or more thresholds
  • Yellow indicates that the test was interrupted.

For details of all test statuses, refer to Test Codes.