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Apollo Server Integration for Grafana Cloud

Apollo Server is an open-source, spec-compliant GraphQL server that’s compatible with any GraphQL client, including Apollo Client. It’s the best way to build a production-ready, self-documenting GraphQL API that can use data from any source. This integration enables the agent to send metrics to Grafana Cloud along with a useful default dashboard for visualization.

This integration monitors an Apollo Server app that exposes metrics through Apollo Prometheus Exporter.

Use the walkthrough in Grafana Cloud to install the Apollo Server Integration.

Post-install configuration for the Apollo Server Integration

In the agent configuration file, the agent must be pointed to the Apollo Server app, such as apollo-server:4000 in the example below, that exposes the /metrics endpoint.

  wal_directory: /tmp/wal
    scrape_interval: 5s
    - name: integrations
        - job_name: apollo-server-integration
            - targets: ['apollo-server:4000']
        - url: http://cortex:9009/api/prom/push