Grafana Cloud

Note: This feature is currently experimental or under active development. Some details may change when the feature is released.

Client libraries and examples

You can use the following client libraries and SDKs to interact with the Grafana Incident JSON/HTTP RPC API.

Something missing?

If there is something missing, please open an issue in the grafana/incident-community GitHub repo.

Make your own HTTP requests

You can interact with the Grafana Incident JSON/HTTP RPC API by making HTTP POST requests.

  1. Figure out the correct endpoint by combining your host, API path, service and methods. For example, .../api/IncidentService.CreateIncident.
  2. Look up the relevant request and response objects from the reference documentation (they match the method name, for example, CreateIncidentRequest and CreateIncidentResponse).
  3. Construct a JSON object representing the request object and set that as the body of the request.
  4. Set the Authorization header to Bearer your_service_account_token_here.
  5. Set the Content-Type and Accept headers to application/json; charset=utf-8.
  6. Make a POST request.
  7. Parse the appropriate response object.