Grafana Cloud

Authenticating the Grafana Incident APIs

To access the Grafana Incident JSON/HTTP RPC API you will need to create a Service Account and a Service account token from the Administration section in the sidebar.

Learn more about Service accounts and tokens in the Administration documentation.

  1. Create a dedicated Service account for your Incoming Webhooks.
  2. Give it the Editor role, so it is able to take action.
  3. Add a token to the service account so the API can act on behalf of that account.
  4. Copy the token to your clipboard, and use it when making API calls.

Use the service account token

You will need to make HTTP requests with the following header:

Authorization: Bearer glsa_HOruNAb7SOiCdshU9algkrq7F...

If you’re using one of the official client libraries, you will likely provide this programmatically through environment variables or a secret manager.