Grafana Cloud fundamentalsUser account roles and permissions

Grafana Cloud user roles and permissions

In Grafana Cloud, you assign roles and permissions specific to user accounts. These roles and permissions control what users can do in the Cloud Portal and which users can manage Grafana Cloud instance plugins.

There are three roles: Admin, Editor, and Viewer. This table lists the tasks that each role is permitted to perform. Only tasks and permissions unique to Grafana Cloud are listed here; for all others, see Grafana organization roles.

Table of Grafana Cloud-specific roles and permissions

Admin Editor Viewer
View API keys Y Y Y
Manage API keys Y
View organization billing information Y Y Y
Manage organization billing information Y
Manage Grafana Cloud subscription Y
View Grafana instance plugins Y Y Y
Manage Grafana instance plugins Y
View stacks Y Y Y
Manage stacks Y Y
Manage organization members Y
View invoices Y Y Y
Pay invoices Y
View Enterprise licenses Y Y Y
View OAuth clients Y Y Y
Manage OAuth clients Y
View support tickets Y Y Y
Open support tickets Y Y